PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
CompanyWink Atelier
ArtistMaureen Ka Yiu Hung
Design TeamConnie Hoi Yi Tang
ClientWink atelier
CreditPhoto by Phyllis Ho

Ksana At that very split of a second, An idea was born, The past revisits the future, A page turned, Our eyes met, And words fled the lips. Our deput accessories collection, “Ksana”, is an artistic liberation from time and space. Poetically fabricated to preserve all the fleeting instants, every hand-sculpted piece. We are working on sustainable fashion jewellery, every piece are hand sculpted by upcycle plastic and resin. We would like to promote beautiful eco fashion lifestyle. This collection 'Ksana', inspired by concept of "Rebirth" in the Buddhist philosophy in a romantic way.