Medical Co-Innovation Lab – Corporate Brand Illustration Serie

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
ArtistOliver Gerstheimer
Design TeamHanna Faure, Gesa Nolte, Philipp Schütz, Markus Färber
ClientB. Braun Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG – Aesculap AG
CreditCorporate Medical Brand Key Visuals

The tension between tradition and modernity coined this series of medical brand illustrations. They where positioned as key-visuals transforming the idea of ingenuity "beyond the product". In the radical contrast to a modern innovation space & environment these visual artwork empower people and context to effect visual clarity on medicine in between the path of tradition to innovation. In the application context of the new brand werk_39 the illustration series are available in 3 styles. Focus is the visual remarkability of the communication and user perception in the brand context.

Oliver Gerstheimer is the founder and design director of the digital co-innovation agency chilli(mind in Kassel in the heart of Germany. With over 20 years of design practice Oliver Gerstheimer has been an enthusiastic and well-known evangelist for “human-centered design (HCD)”. He gives regularly talks and publicizes papers on international platforms for design and digital transformation. Since 2002 he has taught “on site” at German and Swiss Universities of Design for a total of 15 semesters. Since 2015 Oliver has been a member of the jury of the international iF Design Award.