Chinese Paper-cutting Typeface Design

PrizeShortlist in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyAlice Zong Design
ArtistXi Alice Zong
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Made of the inspiration of the Chinese traditional paper cutting, a tradition which Chinese people do to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The project includes 26 letters of Typeface design and a book with each letter with the explanation of each exquisite Chinese traditional element patterns. All hand made and hand drew in the illustration. Each kind of element with the delicate Chinese style of impressionistic is added into 26 English letters. Decorated with Chinese elements, the letters show exquisite elegance and luxuriant cultural implications of China.

Alice Zong is an award-winning visual designer. With MFA degree, AIGA member and member of China Designers Association, Alice is focusing on Graphic design, Digital design and Branding, Typography, Packaging, Web and App Design. Passionate of design, present and support creative concepts. Proficient with Adobe Creative Creative Suite. Worked in a very systematic and diligent manner, and proved to be an independent thinker, a faster learner and a great team-worker. Alice Zong is dedicated to developing designs and branding with a conviction to quality.