Hektik Characters

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyHektik Cool Collectibles
ArtistGaudi Hoedaya & Ursula Wurzinger
Design TeamUrsula Wurzinger & Gaudi Hoedaya
ClientHektik Cool Collectibles
CreditGaudi Hoedaya & Ursula Wurzinger
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The Hektik characters are a serie of animal characters created with equality of all creatures in mind. The base of the drawing is one form and by adding ears and facial expression, they become unique animal characters. Each of them has it own character complete with their flaws and the idea is to teach children that it is okay to have those ‘flaws’ or imperfections. It is how we deal with them which at the end define our own personality. The hektik character has been the base of a serie products that have been handmade with love and great care at the sheltered social workplace in Rotterdam. 

Design is not just about making things more useful nor just about making things more beautiful. It is about figuring out what is the right thing to make and how to do it right. Design is to bring the balance between the unknown, the revealed and the imaginative with the functional, the sustainable and the appealing. It is where a need finds an elegant solution.