Chaos is the Breeding Ground of Order

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyNicole Beltran
ClientFaculty Exhibition at Barry University
CreditNicole Beltran

This poster is meant to touch on the current political climate within the United States. The red chaotic lines and silouette are meant to represent the Republican party, Donald Trump and his style of leadership. The ordered blue and white text is meant to finish off the color scheme of the poster by representing the colors in the American flag and also to represent hope for a democrat to replace Trump in the next election and try to bring back some integrity and order to the country.

Nicky Beltran has worked on a variety of design projects for close to two decades. She’s been employed by companies like Carnival Cruise Lines, RE/MAX Realty and American Printing Arts. She has served as the Senior Graphic Designer for Solomon Snow Advertising, and as Art Director for WWDB Integrated Marketing. Her skills have been utilized by clients such as Whole Foods Market, Downtown Hollywood, Colombian Emeralds International and more. Currently, Nicky is employed as a full-time Professor of Graphic Design at Barry University where she is also Chair of the Fine Arts Department.