The Black Ship and Gifts

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art, Shortlist in Installation Art
CompanyHiroki Yokoyama & Kuan-hua Chou
ArtistHiroki Yokoyama
Design TeamCollaborator: Kuan-hua Chou
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Four Creations based on the history of the Black Ships in Yokohama. In 1853, the arrival of Commodore Perry and the Black Ships urged Japan to sign the Kanagawa Treaty between Japan and the US, which led to open up the country and facilitate its modernisation. Due to the lack of cultural and technological knowledge at the time, Japanese people applied imagination on the gifts brought by Perry. The project also wants to discuss the phenomenon of increasing fake news and facts today. This time, the public still have the freedom to believe information from multiple social media or viewpoints.

Hiroki Yokoyama and Kuan-hua Chou are design duos with experiences on speculative design and industrial design. Hiroki's work demonstrates how everyday life in the future or alternative worlds are changed by existing, emerging and speculative technologies. He is especially interested in the blurred boundaries between reality and fiction in mundane, daily events. Kuan-hua is fascinated by how things are making and how audiences interact with them. She considers design as a vital medium to bring new visions to the world.