PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
ArtistJun Murata
Design TeamJun Murata, Sun Chu, Lin Qi Hong,
ClientHCAC / Huaigulin Contemporary Art Center
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Main building is an architecture where colorful containers are layered like building blocks. I inserted a white container on it. Here, the field of view is narrow closed, and it connects to the outside world through only the openings facing the sky. a 12 meters long container named "Tunnel" was connected to the outside. The guests are freed from daily sensations and are prompted with various light experiences. Here, the human mind approaches the inner world of nothing. And it spreads to the great horizon outside and connects with the world.

JAM. is the proceeded and shared style design team which is founded by Jun Murata, is programmed in 2012. His various creative design works are based on the knowledge cultivated by the experience of practical architecture, the method of the architectural education, and various experiences of design trips abroad. The main range of the his design activities are the fields of Living Space, interior, Architecture, Landscape and Photograph - and it will probably be expanded to Installation, Graphic, Furniture and Industrial design, etc.