PrizeShortlist in Installation Art
CompanyphotoAlquimia Studio
ArtistCarlos Jiménez Pérez
Design TeamPilar Balsalobre, Jorge O. Viñas
ClientFundación Canal de Isabel II
CreditJorge O. Viñas
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“Transformación” is an artistic installation made with recycled beverage cans, located in the auditorium of the Canal Foundation, within the framework of the COP25 celebration in Madrid. This installation is inspired by the undulating shape of the water. For its realization, a spinning technique has been developed, which has allowed the creation of a continuous textile sheet of extreme lightness, with unique aesthetic and physical properties. The 7,000 cans that make up the piece, the same number consumed in Spain every 30 seconds, have been recycled by residents of the Madrid neighborhood o

photoAlquimia is a creative studio in Madrid, co-founded in 2007 by the illustrator, director of animation films and designer Pilar Balsalobre and the biologist, photographer and designer Carlos Jiménez. Having multidisciplinary character, they love challenges and do not stop innovating, developing an eclectic range of creative projects, merging art, tradition, science and design in all of them. They work with a great dose of intuition and curiosity, they experience constantly in the search for design solutions that culminate in rich and profound sensory and emotional experiences with the user