ArtWORKivism - Art for Trash

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art, Honorable Mention in Installation Art
CompanyFrancesca Busca
ArtistFrancesca Busca
Design TeamN/A
ClientBluefield Partners
CreditFrancesca Busca

My “ArtWORKivism” initiative aims at bringing environmental artivism inside offices, and to stimulate ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS and RESPONSIBILITY in the professional sphere, spreading the belief that they are pervasive and necessary in all aspects of our lives. “Art for Trash” involves the office staff to collect a selection of their office daily rubbish, which I then use to make an artwork for their workplace. The pilot project was run in the City with Bluefield Partners, (March-May 2019). The result of this collaboration is series of 4 artworks, collectively making “A Monument to Seasons"

Francesca defines herself as an environmentARTist, eco-artivist or simply 'rubbish artist'. Torn between optimism and surrender, she is haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, she believes in a future of resourceful innovation through re-thinking and reducing. It is this hope that is made visible through her work, which is composed almost entirely of rubbish and ‘found’ material. Her art invites us to detach ourselves from our anthropocentric views, and reconsider the everyday under a new light, where humans share the planet with 99.9% of other living creatures.