The Billabong

PrizeShortlist in Installation Art, Shortlist in Installation Art, Honorable Mention in Installation Art
CompanyArterial Design
ArtistJan Nowell
Design TeamNick Lawson, Luke Bicevskis, Dean Stevenson
ClientWinton Shire Council
Video URLView

The Billabong is an immersive storytelling space made up of an unfurling ribbon form that unravels as a curtain of translucent rods at the centre of a major exhibition space. Gentle ambient music and twinkling blue projections create a poetic evocation of The Billabong, a beguiling object/space for dreamlike projections and reflections. The material held within the rods allow the images to penetrate the surface appearing in full resolution on both sides.The interior ceiling and floor are highly reflective surfaces.This immersive experience tells the stories of land and environmental phenomena.