PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
CompanyWitold Sliwinski Workshop
ArtistWitold Sliwinski
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The sculpture is made of glass. I seek Inspiration in the things that get my attention and admiration. New ideas come to my mind during my trips. I love to change surrounding to experience new sensations. The Concept consists of the Inspiration and the Idea. The sculptures need to be well thought through and they need to be clean and neat as calligraphy. Every piece of the glass composition is carefully planned and designed, as if it was a letter.

He graduated at the State Secondary Art School, from the Faculty of Applied Art Forms. At the beginning of his artistic career he dealt initially with drawing, graphics and designing company logos. When creating sculptures, he use many techniques, from grinding and polishing glass, by smelting and forming glass elements, from bronze and cast iron, to multi-layered joining with wood, stone, steel and aluminum. He has created many works of art in glass, which bear the characteristics of both applied and unique forms.