Virtual Hug

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
ArtistNorma De Saint Picman
Design TeamNorma De Saint Picman with partners
Client Museum of Gorenjska, National Museum of Slovenia, Snežnik, Festival Ljubljana
CreditNorma De Saint Picman, Malefic, photo Janez Marolt
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The project explores the connection and transition between real and virtual; real material sculptures turn into virtual living duplicates that are speaking, singing, embracing ... From the statue, a hidden story arises through the sound, at the same time with its mimics, gestures and floral accessories. Exhibition is supposed to link true ceramic statues, which are transformed and become visible through the tablet or telephone as singing or speaking figures who live their own story.To date, the main physical-to-imaginary part of the exhibition is done - two big and eight mi-sized terra-cotttas

Norma de Saint Picman is internationally renowed visual artist working in painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics and intermedia art. She is engaged in several years projects search of interwoven parallel realities, linking classical and modern, Parallels and Associated fragments of Realities using intermedia installations connecting video, dance and music improvisations through expressive figurative postmodern approach. Being great innovator with pioneering ideas , founder of Noravision ultimately devote herself to build global blockchain based platform enabling artists tokenization.