Marble, Wood, Paint. Rice.

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
ArtistLuis Arturo García
Design TeamDaniel De León Languré, Juan Hernández flores
ClientDesign House Mexico
CreditMariana Cárdenas / Studio Chirika
Video URLView

Marble, Wood, Paint. Rice. is is the name of the intervention of EDAA and the audiovisual artist Yupica within the Design House event, Mexico City 2018. A continuous zig zag surface of polished marble is embedded in a brick room flanked by wooden resonance boxes, where a rice luminous panel shines. In a sequence of three rooms, the project promotes the sensory exploration generated by the superposition of new materials over old ones, contrasts their reflections of light and sound, searchs new emerging textures and tightens the relationship between their symbolic function and conventional use.