Deep Polarization

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
CompanyCecile Brunswick Art
ArtistCecile Brunswick
Credit©cecile brunswick 2018

An oil painting on linen canvas which expresses the deep political divide among people in the United States.though it describes attitudes of our current situation, it is also a colorful carefully designed painting. Though it is one work, it is divided into two differently colored sections, much like a diptych; one side is light in color while the other is very dark, thus expressing the division in current attitudes here.

I was born in Belgium into a highly musical & artistic family. I was accepted into NYC's Music & Art High School, went to Queens College & received my MA degree from Columbia University's School of International & Public Affairs but fell in love with painting after studying at the Art Students League. My paintings took me to Morocco. Spain and France. I love bright colors & imbue my abstractions with them; recently I also impart my feelings for current political events in the US. Le Galeriste, an artwear company has contracted to use my images on their tote bags, garments for a royalty.