A Rainbow Story

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
CompanySelf employed
ArtistSelma Durukanoglu
Design TeamSelma Durukanoglu
CreditAll images,photographs,digital design@SelmaDurukano?lu

A Rainbow Story With colors life is a rainbow, without colors, just black&White .First of all, I painted a series rainbow colors. After, graphic design black&dark gray, then digital version. At the end, I supported my art with drawings on white paper in the same subject.

FromTurkey, educated teacher training at The University of Anatolia.. 2001, worked with The Association of Painting Sculpture Museums ?stanbul). 2007, original prints at ?stanbul Graphics Art Museum. 2010, printmaking at Ateiler Alaturka. 2011, Basic Photograph Seminars, IFSAK., 2012, Phtoshop,Web, Graphic desing.Illustration workshops (Municipality of ?i?li). She has eight solo, more than fifty group exhibitions. Eight international symposiums, She’s a member of The Black Sea Associations of Plastic Art & The International Associations of Art UNESCO- IAA/AIAP., lives in ?stanbul.