Air Flows

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
CompanyAlena Krupetskova
ArtistAlena Krupetskova
Credit"Air Flows" by Alena Krupetskova.

? Inspired by the beauty of winter, blizzard and sparkling snow in the sun. My painting ???? "Air flows" combines the fresh breath of winter and the airstreams enveloping us on a sunny, frosty morning. ? Alena Krupetskova

Alena's style demonstrates her own reality, where darkness and mysticism replaced by a riot of color of the abstract expressionism. She likes experiments with lighting, lines and forms, textures and colors. Alena has working in art, fashion and beauty photography today. She is currently residing in Moscow, however she works all around the world, having publications in different magazines and has get awards at the most famous international competitions.