Earth & Water

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
CompanyMohsen Modiri Atelier
ArtistMohsen Modiri
CreditWater by Mohsen Modiri

I use abstract expressionism in most of my artworks as my favorite style. "Earth" and "Earth and Water" form the core of my works that is collectively called "Grounding". In some of my works I have merged the style of abstract expressionism with surrealism and I have called it “abstract expressurrealism”. Contemporary man starts excluding from the earth as the mother and cradle of mankind and alienating from the nature, as well. And this brings him chronic tension and anxiety. Creating the sense of "grounding" I feel in myself, I try to connect the viewer to the cradle and the origin.

Mohsen Modiri, Iranian born artist was born in 1950 in an artistic family. He has been involved in visual arts, music, and literature since adolescence. A bachelor of Biology did not stop him to pursue an art career and his works has been selected, exhibited and acquired by individuals, private and public art museums and institutions in Italy, Belgium, France, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Canada and United States since 1971. He is also the organizer of visual arts and photo Exhibitions for artists in universities and has been an active professional caricaturist and graphic designer.