PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
CompanyArt By Brigitte Van Ooijen
ArtistBrigitte van Ooijen

This painting visualizes the weight of the world carried by Atlas from the ancient Greek mythologie. It refers to how modern human beings treat the planet and how disruption of the climate increasingly weighs on our shoulders. Its an acrylic painting sized 80 x 140 cm

Brigitte van Ooijen is a Dutch painter and illustrator. She makes works of art with fine detail and many times featuring the human body in slightly surrealistic surroundings. She likes to keep challenging her creativity and trying out new ideas and concepts. Her young daughters are a constant source of inspiration for her and give her an extra drive to aspire for a better future for all girls in the world. Brigitte’s work can be found in the Netherlands and she is a member at Atelier Neérlandais in Paris.