Twenty Nineteen #13

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
Company: b.smylie
ArtistBarry Smylie
Design TeamSmylie
CreditBarry Smylie

Rubens' portrait of Isabella Brant and my portrait of Sara Nitikman at Art Gallery of Ontario exhibition, Early Rubens. Sara said, "She looks like me." It seemed to be an interesting challenge, to paint like Rubens and to accomplish a similarity of two women living 400 years apart in very different cultures. One portrait with the 17th century oil glaze technique translated into acrylic and the half in my own compilation of newly founded acrylic painting techniques. It is another postmodern attempt to reunite the technical history of painting into a new, 21st century fashion possibility.

Profile Description sounds like a self portrait. Since there is only a literary possibility for entering this description of myself, I am stumped. Not being a writer and not being an Expressionist either, what can I do? What can I key with 370 characters remaining? How about a link to my blog?!!! "State of my Art"