PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistVangelis Τzertzinis
CreditVangelis Tzertzinis

A new reality is dawning in humanity. The third "pandemic" after malnutrition and obesity is climate change. The future cost of climate change is estimated to be 5%-10% of global GDP. Sudden storms, floods and the rise of the sea level create a new reality that we have to consider. My photos focus on the sea. The sea that creates dreams and love stories, awakens consciousness and liberates the spirit. The sea that scares and at the same time enchants. Images that they may look “beautiful” and entertaining in our civilized world but they hide unpleasant surprises in our common future.

Born in Piraeus, Greece. From high school yet, the photography was my hobby, later became my part-time profession. I studied graphic design in Athens. Alongside my studies I started working as a freelance photojournalist. In 1990 I founded the creative bureau “gdistudio.com” in Piraeus providing graphic design and photographic services.