The Hidden Cost

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography, Shortlist in Photography
CompanyMelissa Nickerson Photography
ArtistMelissa Nickerson
Design TeamHenric Matthieson, Celeste Strewe
ClientPersonal Project
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It easy to become desensitised to certain scenes, no matter how horrific, when we see them enough. Such as a bird covered in oil dead on the beach. One puts dead animals and debris into trash bags without much thought, but its not so emotionally easy to shove a body into the trash bag too. Someone who could be a friend. The Hidden Cost is the first image shot in an ongoing series meant to connect human emotion to environmental issues - what we choose to do now effects how we pay with our future.

Photography was always a way to explore and learn about the world for me. An excuse to be alone in the middle of the forest or in the middle of a dirty street in a foreign country. My passion lies in the exploration of unique cultures and the human experience on our earth. Working mostly in the commercial field of photographer, I realised a lot of what I photographed was directly contrasting to many of my personal values. This series is the first in an ongoing project meant to connect human emotion to environmental issues - using the skills I learned in to make an impact.