PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistTong Fu

The mankind always attempts to seek the “equilibrium” between the nature and others. Bearing too many people’s experience, the woods delivery the “equilibrium” as the link between the mankind and the nature. Given deep metaphors in the realm of art, the woods are truly alive while they don’t exist factually. They inspire my imagination for their calm, mystery, endless life and growth. Trying to bring them more color and vitality, I find ideas from the woods and give consciousness to them.

Fu Tong,Beijing China,He is a highly gifted and self-educated photographer who has long been devoted to the research and creation of Abstract Digital Art. He is good at combining photography with digital and graphic techniques,  from which grew a distinctive style with a strong conceptual note. His works are gaining increasing popularity in the field of art photography both at home and abroad.