PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography, Honorable Mention in Photography, Shortlist in Photography
CompanyThor Fine Art Photography
ArtistTorleif Lie
CreditTorleif Lie

A series of images portraying the impact of humankind's destructive industrial practices on the natural environment. The images portray the terrible beauty of mining’s toxic impact on the land, whilst serving as a reminder of man’s folly. The Rio Tinto river flows to the gulf of Cadiz carrying high acidity levels and heavy metals, in effect making this an environment disaster, a toxic reminder of human’s ability to irreversibly destroy the landscape in the name of corporate profits, a legacy of greed for future generations. Images captured from a small airplane at 1000 ft.

Creating photographic art is my greatest passion and something I feel compelled to do. My work reflects strong dramatic emotions and the beautiful, but with a fragility and an underlying message. I consider myself an artist who uses photography to express myself. My motivation and what compels me to create is a strong passion for photography as a medium of expression. I have a strong desire to always create better images and work consciously to further develop as a photographer.