Autumn fields

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography, Honorable Mention in Photography
CompanyDubi Roman Photography
ArtistDubi Roman
Design TeamDubi Roman Photography
ClientDubi Roman Photography
CreditDubi Roman Photography
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My autumn photo journey to the Moravian Tuscany. I wish to share with you the tranquility the colors and the beauty of these fields. I fell in love with the fields of South Moravia. The pastel colours, the softness, the glow and the low contrast of its whole existence.

I was born in Haifa in 1957. my work suggests a different and deeper light. The stretches of wildflowers in the woods and the dark trunks of the trees are suffused with a more mysterious light, a spiritual radiance emanating from nature. I constantly look to nature for artistic sustenance, searching among Israel's landscape of trees, fields, and flowers. For years, I have been enamored of Claude Monet's way of seeing the world. I developed several techniques for my impressionistic images totally created in the field using no filters nor computer manipulation.