Matinée series

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyLa Roque Photography P/l
ArtistJean Marc La Roque
ClientLa Roque Photography P/L
Creditjean marc la roque

The Matinée series is an unfinished project of one lighthouse shot in different weather patterns . This particular image was shot during a storm and has the title of Matinée Orageuse. Two other images has been produced and their will be a total of 5 images to complete the series.

Jean Marc La Roque was born in Cherbourg, a seaport in Normandy, north west France. He has worked as a professional photographer for the last 35 years and has lived in Melbourne since the late 70’s”. Jean Marc is an award winning photographer and has extensive experience in the Asia- Pacific region. He has specialised in large scale industrial, shipping and architectural photography and has been very successful in commercial photography.Jean Marc has received numerous international photography awards and has also exhibited in New York, Paris, Florence, Milan and Melbourne.