London Between Realism & Fantasy

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyPli Pictures
ArtistPeter Li
ClientPersonal Project
CreditPeter Li

Living in London, we have all sorts of architecture; we often find a classic gem nestled amongst modern skyscrapers, some backdates a millennium ago. Observing a three-dimensional space in its entirety gives us a perspective beyond what the eye can see. It breaks us from reality, plays with our perception of shape and form and creates a sense of another world. As if looking into the great minds of the architects of today and yesterday. And how collectively they shaped our city.

My work sits between realism and fantasy. I often look for inspiration from paintings, movies and games. I started gaming from a very young age, and I think it has impacted my photography more so than any other art form. Through my photography, I hope to impart fragments of fantasy to the viewer and encourage them to take a momentary step out of their reality. My journey to architecture photography started four years ago. Living in London, we have all sorts of architecture. I owe London for fueling my passion for this genre