PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyLisa Tomasetti
ArtistLisa Tomasetti
CreditLisa Tomasetti

These images explore the notions of impermanence caused by the impact of the digital in photography's new realm. I travelled to Iceland to shoot this work and was interested in placing a lone figure in the inhospitable, fragile Icelandic environment that is threatened by erasure. Similarly contemporary photography's digital expression risks it's legacy as lasting cultural artefact due to the ubiquity of image making becoming the enemy of quality and the recording of history. Shooting with a drone and iPhone I contemplate the archival uncertainty of the digital image in a threatened landscape

I have been working as a visual artist for the last 25 years, exhibiting in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. My work has also been exhibited internationally in London, Shanghai and Barcelona. My work is widely collected privately in Australia and abroad, and is held in the collections of the South Australian Art Museum, West AustralianArt Museum, ArtBank, and the Chekhov Museum, Moscow. Parallel to my art practice I have been working as a Film/TV Stills photographer. My credits include "Shine", "Rabbit Proof Fence", "Star Wars Ep 2". In 2014 I received my Masters in Photography: Sydney Uni