Planet Ag

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyGedeon Photography / GePe Publishing
ArtistPeter Gedeon

Two sets of contrasting elements; technicalities, and conceptuality are represented by structural uniformity (simplistic background, silver-painted figures) and the models' non-visual attributes (emotional, intellectual, and personality traits) through different postproductions. I am exploring the delicate balance between avoiding the objectification of the unclad bodies and the celebration of the divine beauty of the human figure. The nonsexualized representation of the female form and the minimalist settings contribute to the basic tone of the storytelling about life on Planet Ag.

Peter’s career is marked by group exhibitions in 56 countries, 220 major awards and 35 solo exhibitions in 6 countries. His images are part of numerous permanent collections in 4 countries. He is known for his rural, cowboy, journalistic, and female figure pictures. Peter published three art books based on his own photographs, and a historical perspective of a Jewish family’s life-story, escape from the Holocaust, effort to re-establish a new existence in America. The story is told by the last living descendant, Professor Peter L. Koenig. Lacuna is in the collection of the Library of Congress.