Mechanical Figures_Inspired by TESLA - FILM FRESCO

PrizeHonorable Mention in Video & Film
CompanyTeslopolis Ltd
ArtistHelena Bulaja Madunić
Design TeamMax Pinucci, Elena Degl'Innocenti
Video URLView

After 15 years of research of Nikola Tesla life and work, and creation of multidimensional artworks inspired by Tesla, REAL GRUPA commission from us exhibition inspired by Tesla, and as a major expo installation, we recreated the latest Nikola Tesla conceptual patent "Mind Projector" as an immersive, innovative, interactive exhibition storytelling format - Film Fresco, successfully installed at galleries in Zagreb and Budapest from 2017 to 2019, winning awards from Moscow to New York.

Collaborating effectively with artistic and corporate teams, from filmmakers to architects, my major skill is to envision, inspire and lead creation and production of "larger than life" concepts and ideas. Since 1995, every project I envision won international awards from the variety of creative industries, digital publishing, animation and documentary filmmaking, artistic immersive exhibitions, storytelling, tourism, education, marketing, and PR.