A Pastel Galaxy

PrizeHonorable Mention in Video & Film
ArtistCheraine Collette
CreditA Pastel Galaxy - LORLEON
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LORLEON is a fine art photographer – a digital artist who’s passionate about visual arts. She uses paint, water, gold leaves, glitters and different kinds of lights to express a pastel universe combined with complementary music. To show an idea of endless shapes and colors, blending just like the galaxy.

"With her skills in combining photography with digital drawing and photo manipulation LORLEON creates works where she combines nature, fashion, animals and architecture. She takes the audience with her to show the beauty and wonders of the world we live in.". Cheraine Collette graduated in Photographic Design in 2015 and also founded LORLEON in 2015. Because we care about animals, all animals are digitally edited to prevent the abuse of animals for photographs. For more information, contact info@lorleon.com