PrizeHonorable Mention in Video & Film
CompanyEs Studio - Zhes Photo
ArtistEugene Sokolenko
Design TeamEugene Sokolenko
Video URLView

Video clip on my own soundtrack Model/actress: Natasha Schastlivaya (Moscow) Shooted in Berlin and Israel desert in different times. In first time we met with Natasha on shootings in Moscow. After some she visited Israel and we shooted the desert part. The half year after we met again accidently in Berlin and we finished the footage. Cameras: Canon 6D and SONY a7M3

I'm a photo- and videographer from Tel Aviv who is very love all the steps of my production: from choosing story and location till post-processing and print the pictures. My desire is to increase the horizons in the fashion world and open up new frontiers. My main goal this is modeling photography: fashion, commercials etc. I have a high skill in editorial and post-production digital manipulation. My moto: Music of Images! Also I'm participate in different art competitions around the world.