Prisoner mothers

PrizeHonorable Mention in Video & Film, Shortlist in Video & Film, Finalists in Video & Film
CompanyCarolina Paltrinieri
Artistcarolina paltrinieri
Design Teamcarolina paltrinieri, michele bernardi
CreditCarolina Paltrinieri
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The 14,9% of Ethiopia population has a criminal record and the 4,2% of it are women. Everyday the Ethiopian government pay only nine birrs (0,43$) and very little attention for their alimentation and health care. About 500 children live with this 4,2% inside the prisons, forced to follow their mothers behind bars, without an appropriate access to education, health care or infrastructure where to play. Prisoners Mothers directs the point of view on this piece of forget humanity while drawing the attention on this faces, left behind too many times between worn-out camp beds and stagnant water