Digital Alchemy

PrizeShortlist in Photography, New Talent of The Year in Photography, Finalists in Photography
University/SchoolUniversity of the West of England, Bristol
ArtistBahaa Ghoussainy
Design TeamBahaa Ghoussainy
CreditBahaa Ghoussainy
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“Digital Alchemy” is a series revolving around observations captured photographically within real and existing urban structures where algorithm appears integrated into the fabric of the built environment. It references contrived digital data that has been materialized within the real world, and exists in between the physical and the intangible. These by-products of our interventions on the environment are revealed as digital artefacts that govern our urban morphology today; what will one day be the relics of the digital era currently stand as mediators between the real and the virtual world.

Bahaa Ghoussainy is currently completing his MA in Photography at UWE Bristol. Building on his interests in the visual dynamics of design, architecture and photography, he uses the photographic medium as a non-verbal language to communicate ideas and observations. He tends to incorporate alternative image-making methods within his practice, including, photomontage, moving image and animation. He believes that there’s an intrinsic relationship between imagery and architecture, which he communicates through his work, in terms of both the themes and the methods utilized in producing his projects.