Community Center of SHINE ESTUARY

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
ArtistTao Xuesen
Design TeamChen Guang, Ju Weizheng, Xu Wu, Chen Chongwei, Wang Jian, Liu Lei, Shen Yingbiao, Tang Jun, Yan Jiewei, Mao Yun, Shen Jianbo, Chen Aihong
ClientShimao Group

The architect was inspired by the fishing boats passing by on the Oujiang River and the ripples that they create. The soft and light curves introduced in the design bring dynamism to the rigid and orderly building. The concept of three offset ellipsoid blocks superimposed upon each other was thus developed. The twisting shape of the building partners up with the ripples of the river and together, they dance along the wind. A shared space is set up where the three shapes are connected, linking up the entire building.