Hotel Milla Montis

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyPeter Pichler Architecture
ArtistPeter Pichler Architecture
Design TeamPeter Pichler, Simona Alù, Giovanni Paterlini, Cem Ozbasaran
CreditDaniel Zangerl
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Peter Pichler Architecture designed the new Hotel Milla Montis located in Maranza, Italy. The hotel structure is fragmented into four shifted volumes to break down the scale of the entire structure while at the same time respecting the scale of the surrounding buildings. The composition is inspired by the vernacular architecture of the region and the classic wooden barn reinventing a contemporary reinterpretation of this typology. The curved shape of the exoskeleton façade is inspired by the pitchfork used by local farmers. The interiors are simple and functional, a timeless Alpine style.