IDEO O2 Sukhumvit-Bangna

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
ArtistPasongjit Keawdang, Nipaporn Vibulchak
Design TeamRonnachai Pinthong, Noraset Siriaphornthum, Fatif Paramal, Satida Sarasalin, Pitchaya Pattanapaisal
ClientAnanda Development
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IDEO O2, carries out a concept which intricately connects the residents with nature by creating an urban forest enriched with biodiversity built around spectacular activities. The project located in Bangna district facing many problems such as air pollution, urban heat, and insufficient green spaces. The project being centered around promoting Zero-Carbon residential, alleviating some of site’s problems by reducing car usage and promoting greener living standards. IDEO O2 is provide outdoor gardens and recreational spaces up to 60% of total area, launched the vision of a healthier lifestyle.

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