Liyang Museum

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
ArtistC.R. Lin
Design TeamDarcy Chang, Dr. Zheng-Hao Song, Yue Jiang, Saunaam Yip, Tian-Ye Zhou, Jia-Yi Zhu, Li-Dong Sun, Nicky Ni
ClientSuwan China Cooperation Demonstration Area Construction Co., LTD
CreditXia Zhi & Hou Bowen
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The Chinese instrument, Jiaoweiqin, is one of Liyang's cultural symbols which is the origin to build the city temperament. Architect C.R. Lin created the concept in the background of this story and transformed this historical antiquity into an architectural form. A magnificent sculpture of art placed on the steps of the green hill which introduces the floating architecture style in the world. The Liyang Museum was designed as a metaphor of harmony among human, nature and architecture that are naturally interwoven.