Reflectance Field

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanySusan Narduli Studio
ArtistSusan Narduli
Design TeamNarduli Studio, Arktura Fabrication, Office 52 Architecture
ClientUniversity of Oregon
CreditNarduli Studio
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Reflectance Field is a chance-based sound sculpture suspended within the 5 story void of Tykeson Hall’s monumental stair. It’s composed of individual “threads” held in tension. From a distance, the first impression may be of a field of rain, as reflective elements create a play of light and movement. As one approaches, a secondary reading is revealed. Carefully placed chimes transform the sculpture into a collaborative musical instrument. An abstract sculpture of static and dynamic elements, Reflectance Field brings a visual and auditory experience that encourages collaboration and expression.

Susan Narduli works at the intersection of art, architecture and technology. She imagines a new typology of public space in which the individual becomes the catalyst in an emergent and immersive language of engagement. Her award winning design practice Narduli Studio has completed commissions in art, public spaces, architecture, virtual environments, interactive experiences, light and sound environments and landscapes. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Masters of Architecture and is a licensed architect. Prior to starting her own firm, Narduli was Project Designer for Frank Gehry.