Silent Voice

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyAiko Kim
ArtistAiko Kim

Silent voice No matter how much I try I cannot find the words to express myself. They always seem off. These verbally inexpressible feelings. These voices. I reach inside and give them form.

Personal information Date of Birth 11/7/1984 Nationality Korea language Japanese Exhibition: Young Creators Award2020@MI gallery Atomic peace 2020 @South?Korea HT museum 2020 2nd Present Art ZETTAI ??Exhibition @ Harada no Mori Gallery 2020 1st Present Art ZETTAI Absolute Exhibition @ Harada no Mori Gallery 2019 3D Art Exhibition @ Harada no Mori Gallery “Silent voice” @Aizara’s Gallery 2019 Nakanoshima Music Marche public production 2019 Luca Steline and collaboration exhibition @Gallary7 2018 Hyogo Prefectural Sculptor Federation Exhibition