Sesto Labs

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyChih-Yuan Chang
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Sesto Labs is a global software Product and Data Innovations Lab that utilizes technology to solve complex problems. "Sesto" means sixth in Latin. The sixth "Labs" stands for the six fields Sesto Labs specialize in - Healthcare, Finance, Innovation Lab, Marketing and Advertising Technology, Retail & Customer Product Optimization, and Media.

Born in Taiwan and based in New York, Chih-Yuan (Jacky) is an interdisciplinary designer who devotes himself to communicating visually across multiple tools and experimenting with various materials. His work strikes to deliver concrete ideas through sophisticated visuals and detail-oriented media. He is proficient in visual communication design, traditional printmaking, UX/UI design, installations, interactive design, hand-makings, branding and identity, and photography.