An international art hotel along the road

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyLANGLI Space Design
ArtistLynn Cao, Qiu Qiwei
Design TeamLANGLI Space Design
ClientGansu Tianqing Real Estate Group Co. LTD
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Lanzhou, Gansu, China, the only place along the silk Road on land, extracts the elements of horses on the road of trade and combines them with the presentation of contemporary art. At the entrance, abstract and geometric horses greet travelers, marking the beginning of the journey of art. There are more than 70 guest rooms in the hotspring hotel. The cultural implantation of Gansu features makes the hotel itself different in style. The distinctive design is inspired by The Dutch artist Peter. Cornelis Mondraian (English :Piet Cornelies Mondraian, March 7,1872 -- February 1, 1944) broke away...