《Get You Along》Aminated Ads for HUAWEI P40 Series

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistDechun Qiu
Design TeamLiyuan Han / TengdaZu / Feng Gao / Na Zhang / Dapeng Zhang
ClientHuawei Device Co., Ltd.
Video URLView

Huawei P40 series, as the flagship image model in Huawei's mobile phone products, creates an extraordinary image experience with super-sensing Leica five cameras. How to convey the powerful photography function of Huawei P40 series to consumers and make clear the three main functions of "OIS on Ultra Vision Camera, dark shooting and Golden Snap-AI Best Moment" functions are the main creative topics of this time. We gave up the traditional way of character interpretation and monotonous functional DEMO, and boldly used animals as the main line to string the whole story.