These Dreams

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
Companyhelena palazzi photography
ArtistHelena Palazzi-Catenacci
Design TeamHelena Palazzi Catenacci, James Aguiar
ClientModern Luxury Magazine
CreditHelena Palazzi-Catenacci

In July 2020, in the shadow of the global Covid 19 pandemic, my friend and creative director James Aguiar and I traveled around Upstate New York with a trunk full of plastic mannequins, silver balls, bubbles, colored smoke bombs & fall fashion 2020; at early sunrise for a week. We wanted to generate a feeling of a post apocalyptic world; this new absurd world we now seem to live in. We wanted to celebrate the survival of art at every cost and our mad creativity by shooting this absurd imagery. For us these images will forever remind us of this historical time; The time of the Corona Virus 2020