When the masks told about Venice

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistMarco Corso
Design TeamPhotoCarpeDiem
ClientAdvertising Studio

Once upon a time, when in Venice the masks told the life of the city, now this time has passed and the masks in Venice revive for 10 days every year, during the carnival the city turns into that myth that was the Venice Republic marinara. Shooting: Canon 1DS mark II and Canon 24 f / 1.4 lens

I introduce myself, my name is Marco Corso, 46 Italian from Verona. Since the beginning of the 90s I started studying photography and I never stopped. I participated in collective and personal exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad (Rome-Florence-Venice-London-Hamburg-New York). I have always made photography my passion, some work, but without living it.