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CompanyHengame Mojtahedi

This piece of jewelry is inspired by The Golestan Palace and traditional Iranian architecture. Old Iranian houses and palaces had two parts: Inside and outside. The Inside always had the best form of Iranian architecture, like the hall of mirrors in Golestan Palace. That’s why the inside of the piece has mirrors and enameling which are both important features of traditional Iranian art and architecture. The other side of the piece is using the other forms and motifs of Iranian architecture that exist in Golestan Palace and also features Neishabour Turquoise stone.

Since my childhood creating my own Jewelry was a big hobby and passion for me and I found a lot of enjoyment in it. Later when I studied graphic design, I realized it didn’t satisfy me as much as Jewelry design. In 2012 I started making Beaded Jewelry, In 2013 I started working regularly in this field and from 2015 to 2017, I started studying Jewelry design in the university. Jewelry design is my passion.