Laurett's "Stealthread" Fountain Pen and Brush

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
CompanyMaruyasu Seiki Co., Ltd.
ArtistTakehiro Nagamine
Design TeamLaurett's(MARUYASU-SEIKI CO., LTD.)
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The name “Stealthread” is from it looks like there are no threads, but you can screw the cap back on. and you can screw on the tail too. Yes, there are threads that hidden by our precise knurling. Laurett's combined their renowned metal-cutting expertise with knurling (used in top-end automobiles) to create a brand-new stylish brush pen and fountain pen. In addition to its beautiful metallic design and texture, it is also a superb writing instrument that replicates the fine brush strokes of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. And you must admire its very balanced writing with fountain pen.