Lotus Amphitheater

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolCmu University
ArtistPeyman Kiani Falavarjani
Design TeamParisa Biriya, Nima Bavardi
CreditMohammad Ali Rezaeiyan

The idea of ??Lotus Amphitheater is taken from the architectural form of the Safavid era in Iran. The wall patterns and light panels are decorated with 5o7 of Safavid architecture with Seat arrangement On different levels and have created an artistic atmosphere inside the hall. In the center of the amphitheater, a hole was created to use natural light with a solar tunnel. The exterior of It is inspired by a lotus that was used in many designs of the Achaemenid period. Using light, music, and form, audiences experience a hierarchy from the heyday of Iranian architecture.