PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolFaculty For Desing / Associated Member of University of Primorska
ArtistMenthor Benjamin Hafner, Authors Jakob Vrečko & Damir Černec
Design TeamHigher Lecturer and Menthor: Benjamin Hafner, u.d.i.a., Authors: Damir ?ernec, stud.fd., Jakob Vre?ko, stud.fd.

Todays human population and its density is the key for maintaining clean nature. The theme of vertical cities was already started by Le Curbusier with the Unite Dehabitation, where the horizontal carpet of the city changes into a vertical street, which enables the relaxation of outdoor green, sunny surfaces. The skeletal construction of empty vertical skyscrapers enables the flexibility of the program change system according to the user's wishes in a certain period of time, which can adopt and change very quickly. Skyscraper can thus become a vertical place of diverse, changing program.