Essence : Feel a connection, to your destination

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
University/SchoolPes University
ArtistAvishya Arali
Video URLView

Essence is an Interactive Installation designed for Airports, specifically, tourism. The idea behind Essence is to create a lovely experience that builds a deeper, meaningful connection between a User and their destination country, linking them on a personal level. Every terminal has it's own installation, well versed in it's country's culture, geography, must see or do activities and wildlife. The illustrations are born off a User's unique dressing sense and flow across the screen. The 'smart' art responds to the User's movements as well. Each art piece, each experience, unique to each user.

Hello! My name is Avishya but my friends call me Avi and I'm a 4th year Interaction Design Student. I believe unique experiences should be created to inspire, to induce deep emotions and give rise to reflection. Those are the types of events that leave a lasting impression on someone. I focus on building simple, hassle-free experiences while also dabbling in experimental immersive experience concepts in my free time. I enjoy singing, painting and gaming. Travelling around this beautiful world and experiencing every country's culture is a future dream of mine.