Taiwan Can Help

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanySzuling Studio
ArtistSzu Ling Liu
ClientSzu Ling Liu
CreditSzu Ling Liu

Facing the challenges of the global epidemic, Taiwan can unite the civilian power and produce a large number of masks in a short time. Not only solve our own problems, but also have the ability to help other countries in the world. Hope to convey "Taiwan can help" to the world through this artwork and support the government to donate masks to help the world. The work compares Taiwan to a healthy lung, Representing Taiwan as a member of the international community, We are capable and willing to join hands with the world in epidemic prevention and protect people's health.

Szuling is a multidisciplinary artist working across design, photography and art. And also a pharmacist. She graduated both from National Taiwan University (2010) in Pharmacy and National Taiwan University of Arts (2016) in Visual Communication. Experimentality and abstract avant-garde are two major characteristics of her works. Artworks from photography, graphics, motions, paintings, and still explore various possibilities. In less than a year after her works, she was soon selected to the Tokyo International Art Fair and won Gold Winner in The Paris Photography Prize (PX3).